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The Porsche Foxx Morning Show


Image showing Porsche Foxx Morning ShowIt’s time to rock the box with Porsche Foxx! Are you ready? Well, ready or not The Porsche Foxx Morning Show is on your radio starting Monday, March 3rd from 6-10am.

She will take you to work on mornings and keep you entertained with the best in today’s R&B. Research shows that Porsche Foxx loves a good challenge and this time she will shock you with her heart for the community. Porsche has been given a great platform on 106LiveRadio. Our objective is to Inform, Educate & Entertain You with excellence and high quality service.

106 Live Radio is here to positively influence communities and the lives of individuals and businesses within our local Atlanta communities. Our fast-growing radio station is designed with the mature audience in mind. Our selection of Today’s R&B and ThowBaxx can be consider timeless music.

What can you expect on the Porsche Foxx Morning Show?

Expect the best! As always, she says the things you have been thinking about. Talk about speaking the heart of the people. No one else does it like her. With a rich selection of music, anticipate your morning drive into the city of Atlanta to be engaging and entertaining.

Passionately, 106 Live Radio is committed to assist with keeping history alive for our Atlanta community. Our goal is to enhance the lives of every listener while we enjoy good music, talk and fun.

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