The Year 2020 has been experienced year thus far for all of us. From the passing of Kobe Bryant to COVID-19, this year has propped mental health on the forefront for a vast amount of Americans across the globe.

Since the second week of March, millions of Americans have been without jobs, regular
income has dropped, jobs have become remote and parents have had to deal with their own
children full time. Sounds do-able but in reality, families have had and are still having a tough
time adjusting to the NEW way of living.

Due to the circumstances that we’re forced to live in, Covid-19 has escalated the levels
of stress that are dependent factors like age, race or even where people live. According to the
U.S National Pandemic Emotional Impact Report 2020, people with children under 18 are the
most likely to experience high levels of emotional distress, likely due to balancing working from
home and home schooling. This hits at a rate of 35% among adults under the age of 50. Those
that fall under the age 34 are experiencing moderate-to-high pandemic distress compared to
older individuals. This group is also most likely to report pandemic related job loss or reduced income.


Here are a few tips on how to cope with emotional distress:

1. Picking up a new hobby
– Whether that’s learning to play a new instrument or finding a new book to read.
Challenge your mental and feed your brain with knowledge.

2. Cooking
– Take a trip to your local Target or Barnes and Noble and purchase a cookbook of
your choice, full of new recipes… Bon Appetit!

3. Physical Fitness
– We all have some sort of “love-hate” relationship when it comes to exercising.
Use this time to write down your goals for your body and execute. Find a buddy
and go for a walk together. There are tons of workouts out there to keep that
body of yours moving. For example: Yoga, Zumba, Cycling, Speed/slow walking,
Hiking, etc. Find out what workouts work best for you.

4. Join a new social group
– Continue to surround yourself amongst positive people. Those who want to help
and see you grow. Those who want to see you win. Those who want to challenge
you and open your mind to various perspectives.

Explore your artistic side. You probably never dove into it because you found it wasn’t your area of expertise but you never know what you’re good at until you try.

5. Scrapbooking
– Like putting together fun photos? Try scrapbooking!

6. Ever find yourself doodling on the side of your paper? How about trying “pencil

7. Never lost that love for coloring? There are now adult coloring books! Ugh, those
feelings of being a kid again! Remember to color in between the lines.

8. Want to relieve stress?
– Try watercolor painting. It’s satisfying, soothing and relaxing all in one!


***Tried one of the options listed or came up with a few of your own? Leave a comment in our
comment section and we’ll be sure to post your feedback!


by Brooklyn Washington

November 5, 2020