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Tinasha Gray Radio Show

Tinasha "Tish" Gray is an inspirational speaker, wellness educator, Christian Counselor and entrepreneur. True connection to The Source is the message God has given Tinasha to share. As part of her journey, she has touched the lives of many over the years. She is an active leader in her local community and Church.

Tinasha has earned her a bachelor degree in Psychology and a master in Christian Counseling. These degrees coupled with her love for God and His Word have allowed her to integrate her dynamic communication skills, knowledge and experiences into seven life-transforming books. She is also the author of The Source Of Wellness Series of books. The series includes seven distinct works on the topic of wholeness. She’s had a lifelong career as a Massage Therapist, starting in 1994. That was when she initially embarked on her career in the wellness industry. For many years she owned a Spa in the Douglasville area.

Tinasha’s true purpose in life is to empower others to live a balanced life in Christ. She accomplishes her mission by educating and coaching individuals, couples and families on the path to living a balanced life in Christ. However, her primary focus has always been to passionately develop her personal level of wellness first. Then, by extension, she seeks to assist others on their journey to achieving balance within the spirit-soul-body connection.

Tinasha “Tish” Gray was born in the Caribbean, on the tropical island of Grenada (The Isle of Spice). Many of her family, friends and associates know her personally as an ambitious, passionate and strong-willed individual. She and her husband Jason love nature. They enjoy spending time in the local state parks. Tinasha also enjoys journaling, reading, traveling and fellowshipping with family and friends. For more information visit

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