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With prom season steadily approached, a zealous Alabama high school student reached out to a friend to help her plan out her promposal to her girlfriend. The young lady initiating the proposal planned to ask her girlfriend after the school talent show last week (Jan. 31st). But after asking her, her joyous moment turned sour after she was suspended by her school, reports.

The student who asked her girlfriend to prom and her friend who helped her plan it, have been ordered to serve in-school suspension last week (Feb. 1st). The girlfriend was not penalized.

Alexandria High School described the proposal as “a disruption.”

Ashley Fadely, an Alexandria High School student, told a reporter that she feels there would have been a different outcome if they were a heterosexual couple.

“If it was a male and a female student, nothing would have been done,” Fadely told

Alexandria High Principal Anthony Mack Holley and the Calhoun County Schools Superintendent have not released a statement regarding the incident.