While Birdman has long since moved on and gotten quite cozy with Toni Braxton (we are all still trying to figure out whether or not they married on the low), Keryshia Cole is still paying for mistakes made during their brief relationship back in 2014.

If you’ll recall, in 2014, Cole attacked Sabrina Mercadel after finding the woman in Birdman’s condo in West L.A. at 5 a.m.  She accused the Cash Money mogul of messing around with Mercadel, and instead of focusing on confronting him with her concerns, the singer jumped on her. According to TMZ, Cole punched her in the face, scratched up her face with her nails, and pulled her hair. Mercadel, who claimed she was just a friend of Birdman’s and a Cash Money employee who had no inappropriate dealings with him, was left with scratches and bruises, and claims that she lost use of her finger as a result of the beating. As for Cole, she was arrested following the incident and was hit with a restraining order by the woman she attacked.

Mercadel sued Cole over the attack. She initially tried to file a suit in 2014 for $1 million in damages for emotional distress, intentional infliction of harm, battery, negligence and premises liability. Nothing must have come of that situation because Mercadel sued Cole again, this time in 2017 and for more money due to the damage to her finger — a whopping $4 million. She wanted $1.5 million for pain and suffering, $500,000 for emotional distress, $2 million for loss of the use of her finger, $200,000 for future medical costs, $50,000 in lost earnings and $300,000 for future loss of earnings.

According to TMZ, in the end, Cole won’t have to pay nearly that much, but she will have to hand over a pretty penny.

The case ended with a default judgment because Cole didn’t show up in court. Still, she was ordered to pay only $100,635 of the $4 million requested of the singer.

Hopefully Cole learned from this situation long ago (it has been three years) that fighting over a man, literally at that, is always a bad idea. If she hasn’t, giving up more than 100k should definitely help to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen ever again.