Martin Scorsese tribute by Friar's Club in NYC Featuring: 50 Cent Where: Manhattan, New York, United States When: 21 Sep 2016 Credit: Rob Rich/

In the latest edition of “Things that make you go hmmm,” we’re searching for an explanation as to what the hell is going on in a video of 50 Cent and a fan having a much less than pleasant interaction that TMZ shared.

The rapper was taking part in a performance with The Lox in Baltimore on Saturday when he went out to the edge of the stage to greet fans. When he reached out to shake hands with them, one woman pulled on his hand a little too hard in what seemed to be excitement. He either ended up being pulled down or decided to jump down off of the stage as he was losing his balance. While coming down from it, he launched his fist at the woman. A punch landed on her chest and everyone in the crowd seemed shocked.

Immediately realizing he messed up, the rapper requested that the woman be brought up on stage as some sort of mea culpa and a means to avoid a lawsuit. It seemed to work out because as the show continued, the woman was seen near the back of the stage twerking happily and wholeheartedly as if she hadn’t been physically assaulted earlier. It was one of the most confusing things we’ve seen — well, today.

And while 50 might have been able to dodge immediate consequences for punching the woman, history has taught us that lawsuits can always come later. Just ask the lady Miguel landed on during the Billboard Awards in 2013 — she sued him two years after the incident.

Check out the video for yourself, which begins with a different woman being called a “b—h” and a “thot” by another performer, which sadly, isn’t a shock, but still an unacceptable mess.